Curriculum Vitae
Roberta S. Lacefield

"The illiterates of the twenty-first century will be those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
I believe my life's calling is to help adults and children become the best learners they can be.

Ed.S, Adult Education, Florida State University, College of Education 1999.
M.A.T., Mathematics, University of Florida, Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1992.
B.S., Mathematics Education, University of Florida, College of Education, 1984.

  Math/Science Learning Specialist (OPS) North Florida Community College Madison, FL, 2014-present.
Serve students as an academic coach and a professional math/science tutor. Provide faculty with professional development opportunities. As a member of the Academic Success Center team, continue to develop ASC website, provide workshops, and institute new ASC projects that support learning campus-wide.

  Academic Coach (PT), South Hamilton Elementary School, White Springs, FL, 2012-2013.
Provided support in mathematics, science, and reading to teachers and students--data analysis, tutoring, testing, activity development, faculty development, mentoring. Provided school-wide and district professional development.
  Associate Professor of Mathematics and STEM Director, Waycross College, GA, 1993 - 2011
Used a hands-on applications-based approach to teach math for elementary education majors, core math courses, and learning support courses for underprepared math students. Core courses taught: business calculus, precalculus, college algebra, math modeling. Developed and taught the online course "Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Technology." Also taught Introduction to Yoga.
Additional Expertise:
Created initial Waycross College webpages. Created Adult Education Tipsheets. Co-coordinated Science Olympiad and taught PREP summer enrichment classes for local elementary and middle schools.
Committee Experience:
Faculty Senate (secretary), Executive Council (chair), Academic Policies (chair, secretary), FDI/FDW Technical Advisory Council, Faculty Development (chair), Auxiliary Enterprises, Multicultural Council (chair), USG Americas Council, Library Services (chair), Financial Aid (chair, secretary), Faculty Marshall, search committees, ATC/OTC Advisory Committee Liaison, SACS Support Services Self-Study Committee (secretary), Retention Task Force, Planning Council (secretary), Multicultural Student Alliance (MSA) club co-advisor, "Biggest Loser" club advisor, OIIT Strategic Plan Development Committee Member, WC Foundations of Excellence Institution Committee Chair, campus STEM Director, and USG VISNary.
  Instructor of Mathematics (adj), Santa Fe Community College, FL, 1990 - 1993
Taught developmental studies mathematics, intermediate algebra, and college algebra. Provided tutoring and testing services for arithmetic through calculus at the on-campus learning lab. Facilitated the learning lab at the off-campus (Starke, FL) site.
  Instructor of Mathematics (adj),Lake City Community College (now Florida Gateway College), 1992 - 1993
Taught beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, and college algebra and trigonometry primarily to non-traditional learners. Provided off-campus learning support.
  Mathematics Teacher, Union County High School, FL, 1987 - 1990
Department Chair and representative for Union County to state mathematics education program. Taught basic mathematics, algebra, geometry, and precalculus. Designed and taught Union County BOE summer math enrichment program for K-6. Co-sponsored Drama Club, Future Educators Club, and Peer Counselors. Advised the sophomore class.
  Adult Education Teacher, Dexter Community Adult Education, MI, 1986 - 1987
Taught mathematics and computer literacy in the Adult and Community Education Program.
  Mathematics Teacher, Putnam County High School, FL, 1984 - 1986
Taught geometry, coordinate geometry, honors geometry, trigonometry, business mathematics, and basic mathematics; co-sponsored drama club.


  • DHAA Alumni of the Year, Dexter High School Alumnae Association, 2000.
  • Governor's Teaching Fellow, State of Georgia, 1996.
  • Pi Mu Epsilon - National Honorary Mathematics Society, University of Florida, 1992.
  • Phi Theta Kappa, Brevard Community College, 1980.


    National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Judgmental Standard Setting Studies Panel member (to recommend preparedness cut scores for the "Nation's Report Card"), 2011
    Southern Georgia Regional STEM Institute (SoGaSTEM)
    Co-developer of first annual institute.
    American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges: (AMATYC)
      Served 1997 - 1999 on the AMATYC Review Committee (ARG) and, served 2003-2004 on ARG II where we were responsible for advising on the updating of the NCTM Standards 2000. Conference proposal reviewer - 1998, 1999.
    Georgia Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges: (GMATYC)
      Nominating Committee - 1999 to 2001.
    National Association of Developmental Educators (NADE):
      Chair-Mathematics SPIN: 1999-2001; Conference proposal reviewer - 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002; Volunteer (Help Desk) - 1998; Contributor to NADE newsletter, manage MathSPIN listserv 2000 - 2011.
    Georgia affiliate of NADE (GADE):   Wrote internet column for Ga-NADE newsletter - 1995, 1996; Member of LRNASST list; Treasurer - 2003, 2004


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  • Lacefield, R. S. (1998). Designed workshop on HTML and Web Page Design. Presented workshop to Waycross College Faculty and Florida State Adult Ed. Colloquium.
  • Lacefield, R. S. (1998). Workshops on HTML and Web Page Design presented to Waycross College Faculty and Florida State Education Colloquium.
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  • Lacefield, R. S. (1997). Experiences With a Mathematics Reform Text. Presented at the meeting of the International Association of Teacher Scholars' Lilly Conference - South, Athens, GA.
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  • Daane, M. C., T. George, R. S. Lacefield, and B. Reid. (1996) Using Triadic Exercises to Promote Independent and Critical Thinking.Presented at the NADE/GA Conference, Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Lacefield, R. S. (1995). Don't Know Beans about the Bell Curve: An Elementary Lab Using Beans to Develop the Normal Curve. Presented at the meeting of the Georgia Mathematics Conference (an affiliate of NCTM), Rock Eagle, GA.

  • Lacefield, R. S. (2009) Algebra from a Patterns Approach. This textbook was used at Waycross College for intermediate algebra sections.
  • Affouf, M, J. Harper, R. S. Lacefield, and S. R. J. Webb (2009) Major contributor to Adjunct Support Manual, 4ed (and 3rd edition) for Jordan/Palow text "Integrated Arithmetic and Basic Algebra, (Ed.1-4)".
  • University System of Georgia. (2007) GeorgiaView Accomplishments Featured in an article about the online course "Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Technology."
  • Harper, J., R. S. Lacefield, and S. R. J. Webb (2005) Major contributor to Adjunct Support Manual, 3ed for Jordan/Palow text "Integrated Arithmetic and Algebra,".
  • Vanchella, C. and R. S. Lacefield (2004) Teaching Online: An Opportunity to Reinvent Education SACJTC: Vol. 21, No. 1.
  • Member of 2003-2004 Interwrite writing team creating technology-based supplemental materials for Houghton-Mifflin's Eduspace.
  • Member of ad hoc editorial committee for Jordan/Palow text Integrated Arithmetic and Algebra, 2nd (2001) and 3rd edition (2004).
  • Lacefield, R. S. (2003). A Calculator Discovery Exercise for Rules of Exponents, Best Practices in Developmental Math", 2nd ed., edited by Thomas Armington.
  • Lacefield, R. S. (2002) "Bouncing Ball Experiment", in "Best Practices in Developmental Math" edited by Thomas Armington and printed by Mathematics Special Professional Interest Network, NADE.
  • Reviewer for textbook Prealgebra: Journey Into a Mathematical World, Preliminary Edition by Jim Sullican, and published by Prentice Hall in 2002.
  • Member of ad hoc editorial committee for Akst/Bragg text "Basic Mathematics Through Applications," 1st edition, published by Pearson.
  • Self-published via the web: Adult Education in Practice: Highlights from the Research.
  • Class-tester and member of ad hoc editiorial team for Kysh/Sallee/Kasimatis/Hoey reform intermediate algebra text "Intermediate Algebra: Models, Functions, and Graphs, preliminary and first edition.
  • Daane, M. C., George, T., Lacefield, R. S., Reid, B. (1996). Using Triadic Exercises to Promote Independent and Critical Thinking. Proceedings of the NADE/GA Conference, p. 8.


  • Grant for calculator materials from TI, 2007-2011.
  • Co-Author of Regional STEM grant, 2009.
  • Partially funded attendance at MAA sponsored workshop: "Revitalizing Your Developmental Mathematics Course", 2005.
  • Funded attendance at NCSI (National Computational Science Institute) "First Look" Workshop: Incorporating Computational Science into Undergraduate Courses, 2003.
  • Partially funded attendance at NSF Chautauqua "Advanced Web Page Design," 1998, "Web Programming," 2000, "How to Write a Mathematics Textbook and Course Materials", 2004.
  • Partially funded attendance Hewlett Packard graphing calculator workshop, TI-82 calculator mini-course, and NSF statistics workshop.
  • Grant for overhead calculator from Texas Instruments, 1992.
  • Fully funded Interactive Mathematics Text Project Developer, 1993, 1994. Wrote computer-based interactive "text" for use with Mathcad software.
  • Fully funded attendance at NSF Dynamical Systems Lecture Series at Boston University, 1991, 1992
  • Wrote Eisenhower grants for workshops and to introduce use of graphing calculators while Department Chair at Union County High School, 1989-1990.
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