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I teach individual and group yoga classes and practice Thai Yoga bodywork. Contact me to schedule a session for yourself or your group. Or, join one of my regularly scheduled classes: I have been practicing yoga since 1977. Check out my CV/Resume'.

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After 30 plus years of teaching experience, I am convinced there is a way to help EVERYONE overcome their challenges with mathematics. I use manipulatives, applications, examples, and the learner's personal learning style to try to find that way. Check out my experience.

Although I am now retired, I have taught mathematics from kindergarten level through college--arithmetic through calculus. Because of this, I bring a holistic view of mathematics that is unusual among teachers. If you are unusual, know this: I can help. Contact me to arrange an introductory individual or group session.

Contact Roberta: 386 397-1827 or RSLacefield@netscape.net


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Click here to learn the basic rag rug stitch.

Click here to learn how to start a rug.


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On our farm, we use the mantra "Reuse, Renew, Rethink" to help us step lightly on the earth. When I consult, I use the same philosophy--I find a solution that uses what is already available.

For example, when helping someone with math, I begin by identifying the strengths of that person. Perhaps the strengths are organization. or good memory, or the ability to connect abstract ideas to the "real world." I fit the new learning around these already available strengths.

Similarly, if I am doing Thai yoga bodywork or creating a personalized yoga series, I look for ways to use what a person is already doing that works and fit the new practices around it. If I am creating a field-to-table meal, I use as many of our own products as I can--adding "store-bought" only when we cannot create an alternative. If I am crafting, I prefer recycled materials to new ones.

If this is a philosophy that resonates with you, feel free to contact me: 386 397-1827 or RSLacefield@netscape.net. Together we can find a solution that works for you.

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